Volunteer Opportunities

Want be a Hospice Volunteer?

At Fairmont Hospice, we are a family of caregivers who strive for perfection and provide an extra level of care and compassion to our patients and their families. As a Volunteer with us, we could demonstrate the real sense of Hospice Culture and bring unprecedented changes in the lives of people, their loved ones, and serve the community with our joint efforts.

 Volunteers are an integral part of our caregivers’ core team, providing an extra level of care and compassion for our patients and their families. Our Volunteers make a remarkable difference in the lives of so many people. Essential volunteering offers love and care to patients and their families. They also assist with daily household activities for patients, provides grief support, and serves as a companion to loved ones or share their expertise to promote hospice care. As a volunteer for Fairmont Hospice’s Patient Care Services, you have the opportunity to raise awareness and support community issues, gain experience in a variety of roles, explore different careers, job opportunities, achieve training and developmental skills.

Being a part of the Fairmont Hospice team, here are some examples of the activities you can assist with:

  • Providing emotional support, reading to a patient, or just holding a hand
  • Assisting with necessary household activities while family members keep an appointment
  • Shopping or running errands for a patient
  • Spending quality time, sharing experiences, or just listening
  • Helping patients share their experiences, communicate or express their life stories through speech, letters, email, blogs.
  • Basic household chores
  • Veterans needed to honor Veteran patients at bedside/share stories together.
  • Working on projects, spreading awareness, addressing community issues.
  • Clerical and other office duties

Let’s hold hands together and make a difference; please follow these steps:

Step 1. 

Please send us a biography by email at info@fairmonthospice.com or fax at 1-888-251-8801.

Step 2.

Be patient, and our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you in 24-48hrs

If you have any questions, please call us at (832)774-2000 or email us at info@fairmonthospice.com

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