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Let us

provide you with high-quality care

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Let us

provide you with high-quality care

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Let us

provide you with high-quality care

Welcome to

Fairmont Hospice

At Fairmont Hospice, we are a team of caregivers and health care professionals who have come together to serve the Richmond, Sugar Land, Katy, Clear Lake, and Greater Houston Areas, with over 100 years of combined experience in the health care field.

We understand how tough it is when families hear about hospice and life-limiting illnesses. ​At Fairmont Hospice, we will guide you and your loved ones through this often confusing stage by providing comfort and assistance.

Hospice care is a patient- and family-centered approach that includes a team of vigilant professionals.

We strive to make every day a new day for our patients. Our care is concentrated around the whole family via physical, emotional, and spiritual support. We help patients enhance their quality of life and provide assistance when and where it’s needed most.

The 4 Levels of Hospice Care

Our Services

Nursing Care

Registered nurses monitor your symptoms and medication and help educate both you and your family about what’s happening.

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In Home Hospice Care

Home health aides provide personal care, such as bathing, shaving, and nail care.

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Social Services

 A social worker counsels and advises you and family members and acts as your community advocate, ensuring you have access to the resources you need. 

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Physician Services

Your doctor approves the plan of care and works with the hospice team.

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Inpatient Care

Hospice care is designed to improve the quality of life for the patients and families we serve.

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Bereavement Support

Caring volunteers are available to listen, offer you and your family compassionate support, and assist with everyday tasks. 

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We provide

Excellence in end-of-life care for the patient and their families. This is accomplished by respecting patient choice, providing comfort and promoting dignity.

  • Admission within the hour with a physicians order
  • All Medications related to Hospice criteria illness
  • Durable Medical Equipment. (Hospital beds, oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, walker and more.
  • Incontinence care supplies
  • Pain and symptom management
  • Comprehensive bereavement care
  • 24/hr emergency on-call to assist with crisis situations.

General Misconceptions about Hospice and Palliative Care

Hospice makes death come sooner.

Hospice neither hastens nor postpones dying. The aim is to improve the quality of remaining life so patients can enjoy time with family and friends and experience a natural, pain-free death. In most cases, good hospice care can extend life.

Hospice is giving up hope; it’s better to fight for life.

Most terminally ill patients experience less anxiety by refocusing hope on what might be realistically achieved in the time remaining. If continuing discomfort and painful curative treatment for an illness are fruitless, hospice patients benefit more from having their symptoms treated instead.

A hospice patient who shows signs of recovery can’t return to regular medical treatment.

If a patient’s condition improves during Hospice Care, they can be discharged from Hospice Services and can return to curative treatment, based on their choice. If needed, they can later return to Hospice Care.

A hospice patient can’t change his or her mind and return to curative treatment even if their prognosis hasn’t changed.

A patient can go on and off Hospice Care as needed—or if they change their mind and decide to return to curative treatment. They may also enter hospitals for certain types of treatment if it involves improving their quality of life.

Hospice care is limited to a maximum of six months.

In the U.S., many insurance companies and the Medicare Hospice Benefit require that a terminally ill patient has a prognosis of six months or less to start hospice. Still, a terminally-ill patient can receive Hospice Care for as long as necessary.