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Oniel Kurup


Oniel Kurup leads our Hospice Services team. With his experience in the assisted living industry for the past 10 years, he has gained true home health and palliative care knowledge. During his tenure of owning and operating restaurants, hotels, and assisted living, he has acquired the skills to organize and direct the agency’s ongoing functions. He has immense abilities to lead the team, support this company’s growth, functionality, and strive to the best Hospice Service Provider.

Vijay Korimilli, MD, MPH

/ Medical Director

Dr. Vijay Korimilli is board certified in Internal Medicine and has 15 years’ experience in Medical practice. Dr. Korimilli has held academic faculty positions and has been a leading provider in community setting. Quality medical care with a compassionate touch has been his forte and has won him many accolades over the years. Dr. Korimilli has and continues to chair some crucial departments in various hospitals. Dr. Korimilli’s special interest is in preventive care, post acute and Hospice. He employs a wholesome treatment approach to patient care. He is married and has two children who he enjoys spending his spare time with. He resides in Sugar Land and loves the outdoors and enjoys sports.

Lehia Aprea


Lehia has been in the medical field for almost 20 years. She first began her medical career as a paramedic and then became an RN working in many nursing aspects from the ER to the long term healthcare. She has worked in Hospice for several years, helping patients and families during the difficult last phase of life. Caring for hospice patients and families and meeting them where they are in the dying process is important to her. Her goal is to provide support, compassion, and guidance so that each patient and family have peace at the end of life.

Cindy Medina

/ COO/Administrator

Cindy has been in Healthcare Sales and Marketing for 22 years and Healthcare Administration for 3 years, with experience in both Acute and Post-acute services. Cindy is passionate about educating consumers to ensure access to the highest quality healthcare services. Cindy is married and has 4 children, she resides in Richmond, her spare time, Cindy loves to read, travel, and spend time with her family.

Talal Zeitouni

/ VP of Operations

Talal has been in the healthcare industry for more than 20 years, with experience in both short and long term acute care. Talal is passionate about educating people on End-of-Life Care, and finds Hospice as the most rewarding care he has ever provided. Talal is married and has 2 boys, he lives in Katy, TX and in his spare time, he loves to travel, play soccer and spend time outdoors with his family.

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