Social Services

The workers from Fairmont Hospice provide counseling and support to help you deal with the issues you are facing.

Social Services Social worker can help when:

  • You need information about how to find proper housing or financial assistance
  • You want someone to talk with about legal problems
  • You have questions about Medicare or Medigap coverage
  • You need emotional support during difficult times Social Services Social workers visit people in their homes and at area hospitals.

They also may refer patients and families to other community resources where services such as meals, transportation and more are available. Fairmont Hospice Social services for terminally ill patients is provided by a team of social workers. Social Services Social workers at Fairmont Hospice believe that you and your family should be able to live the most comfortable, fulfilling and rewarding life possible.

Social Services Social worker is available to provide counseling and guidance by phone or in person.

Social Work is a client-centered process in which the client, social worker, and agency collaborate with each other. Social Work focuses on helping people obtain tangible results for their concerns through development of skills, coping strategies, decision making once more appropriate coping strategies have been developed. The goals of social work practice include:

  • Addressing and resolving problems related to living and dying
  • Helping people to improve their relationships with others
  • Facilitating the individual’s growth and development by clarifying values and goals and encouraging self-determination.

Social Work The role of the social worker is to help individuals, families, groups, organizations, communities to identify resources. These resources may be available from community agencies or other resources such Social Work Many times the patients do not know where they should go for help or how to find such resources. Fairmont Hospice is here to help with these Social Services.

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