Inpatient Care

When Fairmont Hospice inpatient care is needed, patients and their families can rest assured they’re receiving the best possible care available.

Fairmont Hospice provides comprehensive inpatient care services at its state-of-the-art facility located at the hospital of choice for the patient.

Patients receive personalized attention from their physicians, nurses and social workers who are highly skilled in end of life discussions, pain management therapy and other medical issues related to dying.  Fairmont hospice team members support each patient and family with emotional and spiritual care as well.

“We understand the fear and concerns around having a loved one admitted to a hospital,” said Fairmont Hospice President, Oniel Kurup. “Our goal is to ease the transition from home to Fairmont for patients so they can focus on what matters most – spending time together.”

Many factors go into making the decision to seek inpatient care at Fairmont Hospice or elsewhere, including ailment, overall health, age of the patient and availability of other medical options. Fairmont Hospice has extensive experience helping patients manage pain levels through medical intervention during this process. This type of service is valuable because it allows patients who are terminally ill to feel as comfortable as possible at home. Fairmont Hospice provides services such as acupuncture for pain, intravenous meds and other therapies that may be needed.

We want our patients and their families to know we’re here to help. Additionally, Fairmont Hospice team members provide psycho-social services such as bereavement support groups, spiritual guidance and supportive counseling sessions for patients, families or friends who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Fairmont Hospice has been providing end-of-life hospice solutions since 2013 and has a staff of more than 100 trained professionals.

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