Imperial Sugar Company
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Imperial Sugar Company

If you’re interested in touring a historic sugar refinery, Imperial Sugar Company is worth a visit. The refinery is open to the public for guided tours. You’ll get to see how sugar is made, from start to finish. The tour also includes a visit to the museum, which houses exhibits on Imperial’s history and the sugar industry.

Tickets for the tour are $10 for adults and $5 for children. The tour is offered daily, except on major holidays.

Location and history of Imperial Sugar Company

The Imperial Sugar Company factory is located in Sugar Land, Texas, a suburb of Houston. Founded in 1843, Imperial is the oldest sugar refinery in the country. The plant was originally used to make sugar from cane, but now produces high-fructose corn syrup and other sweeteners.

Things to do at Imperial Sugar Company

Visit the imperial museum

There are many things to do at the Imperial Sugar Company, but one of the most interesting is the Imperial Museum. It’s a small museum located inside the company’s headquarters, and it tells the story of the Imperial Sugar Company and its history.

The museum is filled with old photos, artifacts, and documents that give visitors a unique glimpse into the company’s past. It’s definitely worth a visit for anyone interested in Imperial Sugar Company or southern history.

Exploring the Imperial Gardens

The Imperial Sugar Company is a historic site that offers plenty of fun activities for visitors of all ages. Start your visit at the Imperial Gardens, where you can stroll through the charming gardens and admire the beautiful views. More About Us.

Be sure to stop by the butterfly garden, where you can see dozens of colorful butterflies flitting around.

Head To The Mill Store

Next, head to the Mill Store, where you can purchase souvenirs and snacks. The store also has a museum that tells the story of the Imperial Sugar Company. You can also take a guided tour of the mill, which is a fascinating glimpse into how sugar was made in the past.

Take Kids To The Playground

Finally, end your visit by going to the playground, where the kids can run around and play. There’s also a picnic area where you can enjoy a snack or a meal. So, if you’re looking for a fun day out, be sure to visit the Imperial Sugar Company!

Imperial Sugar Factory Tour

Imperial Sugar Company has been in operation for over 125 years and is the country’s oldest sugar refinery. The Imperial Sugar Factory Tour provides a fascinating glimpse into the history and production of sugar.

Visitors will see how Imperial Sugar makes its products from start to finish, including grinding, filtering, boiling, and packaging. The tour concludes with a delicious complimentary sample.


The combination of rich history and modern technology makes for an impressive operation that is fascinating to explore. With its many products and expansive campus, there is much to see and learn at Imperial Sugar. I would highly recommend this place! Read about more places here.

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